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Ab Rogers Design 2018-2019

ARD designs the new curated experience of the visitors centre at the Shard, with digital content by Universal Everything. The design focuses on the curatorial touchpoints that accompany the visitor from street level all the way up to the Park in the Sky on level 72, the highest open to the public, looking at the past, present and future stories of London as well as the making of the iconic building by RPBW. 

Approaching from the station visitors are attracted by illuminated floating glass shards above the entrance, followed by an immersion into the deep blue of the foyer. Here projections of the clouds above and the sound of wind anticipate the forthcoming experience. 

The ground floor hosts a cafe’ and retail space on an open plan, and at its centre the iteractive model of the building reveals its daily flow of people, energy and the passing of time.

A curated lift experience takes the visitors up to L 69, designed to allow people to move freely and really engage with the view, with benches to sit on and contemplate the panorama while listening to a curated selection of its stories.

At night time, the space its transformed and food is served at the table, the morning benches turn into comfortable sofas, and the ambience becomes softer and quieter.

On Level 72, the park in the sky is open and yet protected from the elements, and virtual reality simulations are offered to spice up the experience. 




Concept to Stage 4 (on hold)

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