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Ab Rogers Design 2017

Proposed for the Ante Pavilion Competition 2017 by the Architecture Foundation, the Perching House is a simple and radical timber structure that perches deftly on the rooftop’s edge. 


An extrovert, confident parasite that celebrates the appropriation of lost space by being a beacon and a practical addition to the skyline.

It is both outside and inside its host, connecting through an existing window. It ties to its host by friction, tension and gravity. The spiral staircase being the chord between the old and the new.

The sloping front looks down and overhangs the canal below, greeting performances and projections, becoming a giant screen upon which the inhabitants perform to a canal- side audience.

The construction is simple; a cross-laminated panel of multi-layered timber with an outer layer of thermally modified tulipwood, mechanical fixed. The polycarbonate cladding is dry fixed directly on to the timber by means of a neoprene gasket.

The exposed structure works as a modular frame, to be used in a multitude of ways; to contain books, plants and props.





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