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Ab Rogers Design 2019-2020

Scape Student Living is a family of student accommodations across the UK, Ireland, Australia and, more recently, USA.

For the first time in Duke, Scape leaves the compact urban context where it first originates and moves to a wilder natural environment.


ARD devises the masterplan and architecture together with the local architects OBA and landscape architects Surface 678 with an inside-out approach, where the design principles are dictated by the functions within.

The first intention is to open a dialogue between the new community and its natural surroundings.

From the bus stop and through the forest, a new walkway cuts through the building and continues towards the existing path and the reclamation pond.

As a result, the volume of the communal areas splits either side of the pathway, opening on a covered piazza with continuity between outside and inside.


Inside, the floor follows the natural slope of the terrain, shaping at different heights an array of places to socialise, eat, play, live, down to much quieter places for studying. It tiers into an amphitheatre and canalises the view from the reception towards the forest and the water feature to the south. 

The scale of the residential buildings, which host 600 beds, is controlled by breaking the massing and rotating the units to an herringbone arrangement.

Every step of the journey from the elevator to the corridors and each unit celebrates the highly designed, super functional character of Scape Living, where compact apartments are efficient to produce and delightful to live.

The rooftop is dedicated to wellbeing, with open terraces, yoga studios, a sensorial garden and a tea house pavilion, places to connect with nature and foster a sense of community, as well as to step away and meditate.




Concept Design

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