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BBB & BC Materials 2022

BBB postgraduate program investigates regenerative architecture within the local urban environment. In 2022, the research group focuses on regenerative architecture and Urban Harvesting. It establishes its intentions into a 10 points Manifesto, develops its research in a prototyping lab in Z33 art centre, and shapes its actions into a one month Agenda for the Construction Festival in ParckFarm, Brussels. 

For the exhibition 'Same , Same but Different' curated by BC Materials, BBB realises a living lab for prototyping innovative design solutions. A selected collective library frames the exhibition room and contextualises the contemporary social, economical and environmental crisis to the construction sector . From depletion of resources and environmental degradation to social inequality resulting from policies or established patterns, the impacts of construction on the environment are at the centre of a vital and vibrant debate between contemporary architectural and design practices which is presented in the library.

Creating this general framework allows a better understanding of one specific story that unfolds on a grid of brick socles throughout the exhibition room : the ParckFarm project .

ParckFarm project is the hands-on experiment of the BBB group, raised from different ambitions. On one hand, it wants to generate an added value within the city of Brussels, and more speciffcally within the community of Molenbeek. By using regenerative and inclusive design practices as tools able to pry collective intelligence and strengthen social cohesion.

On the other hand, it is a tool for BBB researchers to investigate and test the potentials of regenerative architecture and design. It tells the story of the hyperlocal harvesting of materials and regenerated resources: about bio-based, geo-based and re-used solutions.

On top of the socles some prototypes, models, sources, samples, mappings of the sources, books and infographics compose the storylines subtended in the ParckFarm project.

The final stage of the exhibition is an invitation. Three films, positioned in a half circle, present the collective and invite the visitor to join the action during the Participatory Construction Festival, taking place at Parckfarm from 12th of May till 18th of June 2022.

To know more about the Living Lab:


Building Beyond Borders

Hasselt University, Z33


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