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Ab Rogers Design 2018-2020

Two floor underground, in the art deco, post war rebuilt, former Regent’s Palace Hotel by Oliver Bernard, ARD reinterprets a subterranean Gotham City, inspired by the world of DC Comics and in collaboration with Warner Bros, for the design of the immersive restaurant Park Row . 

From the streets, a number of easter eggs guide the visitor to the foyer, where Alfred greets them in a mini version of Wayne's Manor reception room and shows the way to the world of Gotham. The journey into the batcave-like elliptical staircase is studded with games of light and shadows, sound, smell, to ease the transition from the outside to the magical universe of DC Comics.  

Two floors underground the scene is set within a pre-existing art deco environmen. A carusel of coloured tables, soft chairs, piano and band stages, an icy penguin bar, mirrored rooms and radial floor of blue marbles and two toned ash opens a dialogue with the rich original design without intervening on it

The scheme includes a main restaurant area of 300 covers, a separate cocktail bar, two immersive dining rooms, a foyer and a batcave-like elliptical staircase. 



Architect, Designer

Concept to Stage 5

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