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Libeskind Design 2015-2016

The design of Orrick’s Milan office, located in the heart of the city center, reflects the innovative nature and collaborative spirit of this global law firm.

The intent is to overcome the rigid organisation of the office and turn distribution into social space. The main corridor becomes the highlight- a cinematographic promenade surrounded by wooden inclined walls- a sequence of spatial compression and decompression. This adds variety to the space, encouraging social interaction and a stimulating spatial experiences for visitors.

The use of walnut wood, characterised by a double layer of staves, confers a warm and tactile atmosphere to the space.

The cove LED lighting along the walls further emphasises the linear geometry of the design.

Behind the walls of the main corridor, contrasting luminous offices and meeting rooms are designed to guarantee an ideal working environment with optimal comfort.

The extraction of the geometric volume at the core of the structure opens up the building from the inside, creating floor-to-ceiling glazing that illuminates the galleries. 

The galleries are connected by means of an open floor plan that will include 1,000 sq. meters of exhibition space dedicated to both permanent and temporary exhibitions.

The museum includes a café, bookstore, educational areas, auditorium, as well as storage and administrative space.


2014  2015

Junior Architect, Junior Designer

Concept to Completion


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