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Libeskind Design 2015-2016

The MO Museum in Vilnius is dedicated to the exploration of works from 1960 to present by Lithuanian artists. 

The building of the Modern Art Museum is conceived as a cultural “gateway” connecting the 18th century grid to the medieval walled city, inspired by the historic gates of the city.

Two volumetric forms intertwine to create a structure that flows between inside and outside. The rectilinear exterior façade is clad in crisp white concrete , the interior courtyard cuts through the entire form and features a dramatic staircase that leads to a public planted-roof and sculpture garden that connect directly to the piazza at street-level.

The extraction of the geometric volume at the core of the structure opens up the building from the inside, creating floor-to-ceiling glazing that illuminates the galleries. 

The galleries are connected by means of an open floor plan that will include 1,000 sq. meters of exhibition space dedicated to both permanent and temporary exhibitions.

The museum includes a café, bookstore, educational areas, auditorium, as well as storage and administrative space.



Junior Architect

Concept Design to Design Development


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