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Libeskind Design 2014

The installation is an homage to scientist Alexander Volta, pioneer of electricity and power, in his hometown.

In collaboration with Amici di Como, Studio Libeskind designed Life Electric, a dazzling 16.5 meter (54 feet) high stainless steel sculpture on the Lake Como in Italy.

Situated on a jetty off the shores of the Lake, the sculpture is locally crafted in stainless steel, highly polished to a mirror finish to reflect the landscape.

Both robust and ephemeral , the sculpture sits upon a stone fountain which gives the illusion of the object floating, surrounded by a bench.

The form reaches up towards the sky and also it arches down to the water, with an everlasting inherent tension that represents the two poles of energy—a nod to Volta’s invention, the electric battery.



Junior Designer

Open to the public

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