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The inner side of public blocks is often an unused potentiality for urban environment. Breaking the integrity of an introspective building, opening a new point of view from the inside toward the street front, allows to reestablish its nature of public space.

Building a library in one of this places inverts the normal perception of such areas and creates a new “inner perspective”.

The project focuses on construction with wooden structural walls and the new opportunities implied in their use, both on formal design and on relationship between architecture and industrial production, each revealed by its own face.

The inner, hidden face of the architecture appears once the threshold of a proto-industrial building, the external face of the block, has been crossed.

“Inner perspective” refers as well to the form of distributive space: a long hall without parallel walls, defined by a series of subsequent doors, is the spine of the library and grants access to all rooms, each one defined by a different penetration of natural light.

The building footprint is inverted on the second floor, allowing for the opening of skylights.

All finishings are alternations of larch wood and asbestos concrete, while the outside of the block is covered in plaster and stone.


Polytechnic of Turin


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