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Inclusive Harvest is the response to Reinventing Cities competition for the development of an urban block in Athlone, Cape Town.

The proposal consists of a dense mixed residential texture with a strong link to the productive and public aspects of the site, with the aim of facilitating the cultural process of appropriation. It’s an alternative model to the current sprawl of single family homes, it stands against the spatial and social patterns of urban segregation and fragmentation.

Civic agriculture, urban and communal living, business, are at the core of the proposal, which engages with different stakeholders on the local scene to boost the formation of new communities through design, arts & food culture.

The building is envisioned as a low tech open infrastructure, which allows for a phased and incremental construction model, with a primary structure hosting services and a flexible second register of light mezzanines and partitions which can adapt to every necessity. 

Its courtyard and terraces are habitats for the heterogeneous flora of the Western Cape. They are located at different heights graded on the availability of water and wind protection, from a lush tropical vegetation to a desert garden. These habitats are not merely decorative. Rather, they are agricultural plots, the centerpiece of the Inclusive Harvest.

The facade is envisioned as a crucial part of the infrastructure. Large fixed panels are designed to break the wind, collect and harvest water from the air, and at the same time to become an open manifesto for a new generation of South African. With the design commissioned to local artists, the goal is to generate a clear cultural identity for the building, in line with the ambitions of the proposal and its future inhabitants.

Inclusive Harvest is a living organism capable of changing, adapting and evolving in accordance with its environment, creating an ever mutating dialogue with its users.


BTT Studio, Archliving, Our Future Cities, Terramanzi

Reinventing Cities, Cape Town


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