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Ab Rogers Design 2019

'Hyper Park' is a book of ideas developed by ARD for a new park on the West end side of the city of Kuala Lumpur. The Park is intended to become the public heart of a broader mixed use area currently under development, with the challenge of attracting a multicultural community, open to all its subcultures, with a vibrant collection of activities and the ability to adapt and grow with its surroundings.


Researching the city, we have learnt that it's art, craft, food and the surrounding cultures that influence Kuala Lumpur’s unique identity. This research has informed the approach to a design which focuses on establishing an engaging programme of activities, developed to appeal to a diverse audience.

A call for a sensitive, responsive masterplan, informed by the city's culture as much as the topography and climate of landscape - to ensure seamless, organic connections between a multi-colour collection of happenings, to ensure that locals can make the Hyper Park easily part of their daily lives.

We have taken a macro to micro approach, looking closely at the relationship between the park and its broader context to understand how best to integrate it with local neighbourhoods while establishing it as vibrant oasis within its urban surroundings; a destination that offers the people of KL a place of health, leisure, relaxation and enjoyment for all.

This telescopic view has got us excited about making the park a part of something bigger – one location within a network of connected green spaces across KL that could support linked events - festivals, music, theatre and sporting events that foster a feeling of community and wellbeing.




Book of Ideas

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