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HeArth is a project of building supporting infrastructures to the agricultural work and products transformation for the no-profit organisation Casalina, in Puglia, Italy, realised with the support of the Goethe Institute and Creative Europe, and led by the Arch. Marine Dupont, specialised in eco-construction and natural materials.
The construction is achieved with the sole use of natural materials directly available on site and low-tech building techniques, such us Cob, Wattle and Daub infill, Straw-Clay. The 'high low-tech' exterior kitchen functions exclusively without the use of electricity and minimises the consuption of wood thanks to the rocket stove's double combustion technology.

The building process is inclusive by nature, as working with earth as primary material and without the use of industrial maschines requires a participatory approach where the all community, in this case the volunteers from the hosting organisation,  works together and has the chance of learning by doing. An extremely empowering process which reminds us that architecture has been, for most of its history, based on communal effort and shared knowledge rather than isolated actions. 


Participative building workshop

Casalina, Puglia, Italy


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