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This project has been developed thanks to the Joint Studio program between the Polytechnic of Turin and the Tsinghua University of Beijing.

Located in Shijingshan District, the Master Plan includes a wide ex-industrial area in Shougang, Beijing, which is hosting a radical urban renewal. As Shougang Group, the 2nd biggest iron company in China, closed its last furnace on this site on 31 December 2010, the former factory site is being transformed into an high-end Industry Service Park enclosed by planned wetlands .

8 silos, 24m diameter, used as coal storage, are being converted into University Laboratories and Research Halls.

The overall plan focuses on the re-adaption of these complex structures to a variety of new functions. Spaces for study, leisure and relax are conceived as para-sites, stressing the architectural aesthetic of ‘giants’.

One silos is more specifically studied with the objective to design a new free-standing structure in dialogue with the industrial one, which works as a shell.

The structural inner core is the hardware of the system, its heart, where all the main structural and distributional functions are located.

The platform on the top works as the battery, thanks to the solar panels. The platform also loads all the weight of the cubes, where laboratories and multifunctional halls are located.

Each cube is an independent software, a cell hanging from the top and connected to the core through the staircase.


Polytechnic of Turin


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