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Libeskind Design 2016

The proposal for the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Centre focuses on transport. Distribution and pavilions are tied together by the pedestrian pathway meandering like a river through the heart of the fair creating commercial and public spaces.

The metaphor of the river and its canyons is a reference to the historical importance of the Pearl River to the development of Shenzhen as a river and port city. 

The twists and turns of the river-boulevard create public spaces and shape the visitor experience. The canyon-facades brings drama to the inner face of the fair, leading to the central hub. Situated at the hearth of the centre, the hub is connected to the pedestrian routes on different layers and houses offices, hospitality and commercial facilities. 

The master plan also proposes a new body of water, directly accessible from the sea, which can also host events without disrupting vehicular traffic. 

The proposal - inspired by the forms of the river, canyons and lake - celebrates the universal value of water as a resource, its importance in the Chinese tradition, and reconnects the contemporary city to its natural resources.



Junior Architect, Junior Designer


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