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2018 - ongoing

Building Social Resilience is an international group of young visionaries who works to fight the exploitation of migrant agricultural workers in the South of Italy.

In 2018, BSR started Casalina, the collaborative and participative project of restoration of an abandoned farmhouse and its 15 hectare agricultural land in the south of Italy, which now hosts and provides numerous services to seasonal migrant workers with the aim to achieve fairer working conditions and facilitate integration with local communities.

Since then, Casalina is constantly evolving, to become also a site of sperimantation for eco-construction and sustainable farming techniques. In 2019 eco-friendly showers, dry toilets and compost rooms were built to allow to host more people during the summer period, the most critical period in Puglia for the tomatoes harvest.

In 2020 Casalina started cultivating and transforming its own tomatoes and other fruits, following the principles of permaculture, to spread the culture of a more sustainable food chain.

In 2021 hEarth project was launched for the realisation of supporting infrastructures to the agricultural activity, such as exterior kitchen, solar dryer, rocket stove, pot zeer.

The objective is to achieve the construction with the sole use of natural materials available on site and low-tech building techniques, such as Cob, Wattle and Daub infill, Straw-Clay drywalls, with the help of an architect expert in Eco-Construction.

On a broader perspective, the idea behind these initiatives is that a participatory approach to architecture - as well as to agriculture and many other human practices - can empower people and significantly improve their life. This is particularly true in the South of Italy where housing conditions for seasonal migrant workers are extremely critical and often a mean of marginalisation.

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Eco-Construction & Civic Agriculture

2018 - Ongoing

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