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BBB & BC Materials 2022

BBB postgraduate program investigates regenerative architecture within the local urban environment. In 2022, the research group focuses on regenerative architecture and Urban Harvesting. It establishes its intentions into a 10 points Manifesto, develops its research in a prototyping lab in Z33 art centre, and shapes its actions into a one month Agenda for the Participatory Construction Festival in ParckFarm, Brussels. 

Firstly, design based on Urban Harvesting means to change the traditional look at a city seen as a place where people only live and consume resources, to a city where people or activities produce resources themselves. It means investigating all the possible options for re-using the full output of a city and all the potential resources within the city itself, including the social resources and understanding how an urban organism can reorganise itself to the maximum use of its own possibilities, reducing negative impacts of consumption, or limiting inflows. It will require high levels of organisation, which are themselves available, but unexplored.

The festival consists of a series of construction workshops in which a number of targeted interventions for the regeneration of ParckFarm greenhouse are prepared , designed and built. The focus is on hyper-locally sourced materials, pre-consumer and post-consumer waste . The material survey is organised through an eye that looks at the city as a mine, where all resources are already available.

Inclusive and participatory processes extend the act of building beyond its premises: a collection of lectures, open talks, community parties, radio shows, communal meals enrich the program and open the discussion to target a wide public.

To know more about the project & the festival


Building Beyond Borders

Hasselt University, Parckfarm


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