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Libeskind Design 2014-2015

The project is a collaboration between the City of Vilnius and Studio Libeskind to create a new tourist destination central to the Baltic region.

Situated at the base of Vilnius’ ski hill and the highest point in the city, the Beacon is designed to offer a wide range of winter and summer sports, combined with a program of recreational and cultural entertainment.

The design is a study of contrasting geometries. At the core a circular plaza encompasses the open arena. The two main structures are sited along the periphery. A zig-zagging canopy within spirals around the site sheltering the pathway.

The main entrance building rises from the ground on a tilt, with a sloping roofline and curved facade that frame the central arena.

Across the site the main lodge is set into the hill side, with a curved roof that is an extension of the natural landscape, elongating the panoramic view of the city below.


2014  2015

Junior Architect

Concept to Developed Design


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